A course in how to make Japanese Noodles!

I have a new idea I want to share with all of you here in Sweden. That is to share my knowledge of how to make Japanese noodles. First of all, there are 4 basic types of noodles.

  1. Udon
  2. Soba
  3. Ramen
  4. Somen

There is one minor noodle called Yakisoba too but we don’t go in to Yakisoba now.

I want to teach people how to make these basic Japanese noodles and how to make the sauce or soup to go with the noodles.

ABF, here on Gotland (the local community school/college) and I are now planning on having a course on Japanese noodles and I will be the instructor!

People here seem to make ramen with udon noodles and make the soup with a western taste and still call it ramen. So I would like to introduce the authentic way of making these noodles. Let’s get back to the original taste and see what you can discover. The Japanese tastes are made out of different spices so we will first go and shop the ingredients together. Then we will first learn how to use the Japanese spices to make the basic sauces and soups for the noodles.

The course will start on May 6th Sunday, at 11:00 AM and end at 14:00 hours.

The course will be 4 Sundays, each 3 hours (11:00-14:00).

Here is the schedule.

May 6th   Undon
May 13th  Soba
May 20th Ramen
May 27th or June 3rd Somen































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2017 March 28th: Times are changing

Chefs throughout the world and cooking contests are challenging the Best Food made Vegan! Times are changing!

Since I saw the movie “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health”, I am more and more convinced to go fully vegan. And it is easy to make vegan Asian food. We don’t have a dairy food culture background so if we cook vegetarian, it will automatically become vegan.

We also have a very nice vegan lunch restaurant in Visby near the university now called “Slope Slope”. This is also new!

So the vegan wave has reached Sweden as well. I saw it in Berlin a few years ago and now it seems to have arrived here too. In Tokyo there are a couple of fantastic vegan restaurants as well. So yes, “Times are changing” and in a good way.

The Best vegan restaurant in Tokyo is T’s Restaurant and T’s TanTan run by the same owner. She has her heart in her restaurant and food. The wonderful thing is that she did not have to open this restaurant. She is just doing it because she wants to share her delicious and healthy food.

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Japanese Dinner for two

I had the privilege to serve a romantic “Dinner for two”.

A Japanese evening with Japanese Food, drinks and culture. You can be alone,  a couple or a group. This was the first time we had a couple and it was very nice and cozy.






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Lets Cook Japanese Workshop Gallery

Images from the Japanese Cooking Workshop with 12 members from the honorable Chaîne  des Rôtisseurs Bailliage de Gotalnd. Exciting to share and explore new taste.

Some of the images I share here were taken by the participants. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures you took of the creation you made that day! Great job! Great taste! Oishii!!!















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Let´s Cook Japanese! 

Workshop in Källunge Stentollby, Gotland.

On February 23rd we will have a Japanese Cooking workshop with
12 persons. An exciting event with Gotland’s gourmet group.

I will introduce what Japanese traditional cooking is and make 4 of my secret recipes together with the participants. Afterwards, we will eat and taste what we made together.

Unfortunately this workshop is booked out for Feb. 23rd.


Contact me at aya@olaya.se or 076-141 37 25

This workshop  is held at my home. (6-12 persons)

Price: 650 SEK





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2014 Jan. 25th

Why eat less tasty when you can make it taste better?

Usually it’s only a little more effort required to make food taste better.

I feel good when I can make food taste really good with a little bit of extra effort. We don’t need to over do it. Just a little extra.

What I usually do not skip doing is to roast sesame and grind it on my own. You can make some and store it in a glass jar to sprinkle it on salads and starters. It really lifts up the taste.

I also do not hesitate to wash Rice and Quinoa thoroughly before cooking. It makes a difference and you can really enjoy your meal more.

Another thing worth doing is to wring out the water in a salad wringer after washing the salad leaves ( like lettuce and ruccola). The salad will become crispy and much more tastier.

Yes, I could say that eating delicious food is my hobby 🙂



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The Zen Buddhist Shojinryori Cooking class in Kyoto (vegetarian)

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Japanese Food: images from the 2014 trip

kyoto's japanese food

nama dofugood sake must be served "cold" (chilled)




real wasabisashimiSashimi: raw fish

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Relax Japanese style

As far as I know, we Japanese have a tradition to value our time to sit and contemplate in the bath.

We usually just sit and close our eyes in a Japanese bath or have a small conversation with the people you are taking a bath with. This is still an important part of our culture.

This is why there are so many onsen ryokans in Japan.  A traditional Japanese inn at the thermal baths. There is a thermal bath called “Kanzanji onsen” near my hometown, Hamamatsu.

We stayed at the Kokonoe Hotel. A traditional Japanese roykan.

They have many baths to choose from and we sit and relax in them one by one.

We usually take a bath before and after the meal and then one more dip before going to bed. We also take a dip before breakfast when we visit an onsen.

The way to take a bath is:

  1. take off your slippers at the entrance of the bathroom
  2. take off your clothes at the changing room
  3. take the small towel (tenugui) with you
  4. wash you body before you go into the bath (there are buckets to splash water on at the entrance of the bath). You can take a shower or sit by the water facettes and wash your body.
  5. after you have cleaned your body, take a dig in the bath you like. Sit and relax for about 10 minutes.
  6. Go back and wash your body thoroughly because now it is easier to scrup off the old skin.
  7. After cleaning your body thoroughly, go and take a dig again.
  8. You can explore different kinds of baths if the onsen offers it.

Usually a ryokan provides not only the baths but a fancy kaiseki meal. The menu is usually made up of 10 different bits of this and that decorated in beautiful bowls and plates.

The Japanese usually spend only one night at the ryokan. We are not used to taking many days off.

Here are some images of the Kanzanji onsen I went to on this trip.







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Japan trip 2013

I visited my family and hometown, plus a bunch of other places this time when I went back to Japan. Everytime I go back, I am stunned by the delicious food people make in Japan. We are greedy about eating good food.



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