Olaya Selection: Must Have no.1 Pietro dressing från Japan

Under Olaya Selection, I will post my favorite sauces, dressings, recipes and helpful kitchen equipments etc. that I just adore having.
My “must haves”!

My must have no1.

Pietro Dressing!
The most delicious dressing you can buy on earth! The president started out with a pasta restaurant over 30 years ago and while the customers were waiting for the pasta to be done, he served a salad with this dressing. The customers started to ask him if they could buy this dressing because it was so delicious. When he started to sell this at the restaurant it became a big hit in Japan. Today, almost everybody knows about this dressing in Japan.

Here is a video clip of how they make Pietro dressing by hand. They carefully select and cut the onions by hand and also physically stir and mix by hand in the end as well. The founder and president of Pietro Mr. Murata is convinced that hand made dressings make a difference in the taste. The love put into making the dressing is the key to the difference.

If you live in Sweden, ask your local store (ICA, COOP etc.) to order it from Risberg Import.

If you live in the States,  Amazon sells it.
Other parts of the world, it is extremely difficult to buy them but send me an email if you would like to try it! If there is a will, there is always a way! 🙂

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