2014 Jan. 25th

Why eat less tasty when you can make it taste better?

Usually it’s only a little more effort required to make food taste better.

I feel good when I can make food taste really good with a little bit of extra effort. We don’t need to over do it. Just a little extra.

What I usually do not skip doing is to roast sesame and grind it on my own. You can make some and store it in a glass jar to sprinkle it on salads and starters. It really lifts up the taste.

I also do not hesitate to wash Rice and Quinoa thoroughly before cooking. It makes a difference and you can really enjoy your meal more.

Another thing worth doing is to wring out the water in a salad wringer after washing the salad leaves ( like lettuce and ruccola). The salad will become crispy and much more tastier.

Yes, I could say that eating delicious food is my hobby 🙂



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