2017 March 28th: Times are changing

Chefs throughout the world and cooking contests are challenging the Best Food made Vegan! Times are changing!

Since I saw the movie “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health”, I am more and more convinced to go fully vegan. And it is easy to make vegan Asian food. We don’t have a dairy food culture background so if we cook vegetarian, it will automatically become vegan.

We also have a very nice vegan lunch restaurant in Visby near the university now called “Slope Slope”. This is also new!

So the vegan wave has reached Sweden as well. I saw it in Berlin a few years ago and now it seems to have arrived here too. In Tokyo there are a couple of fantastic vegan restaurants as well. So yes, “Times are changing” and in a good way.

The Best vegan restaurant in Tokyo is T’s Restaurant and T’s TanTan run by the same owner. She has her heart in her restaurant and food. The wonderful thing is that she did not have to open this restaurant. She is just doing it because she wants to share her delicious and healthy food.

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